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2009年2月23日 星期一

Transformation - Bring Back the Individual 戴明如是說

Transformation - Bring Back the Individual

October 10-11, 2009
West Lafayette, Indiana
Stewart Center, Purdue University

Watch Dr. Deming talk about the transformation
(Windows Media Video)

我在0221, 2009 1120 請教 Bill Scherkenbach先生
克服 [人生的種種破壞力]
或 [戴明博士四日談] 第28 頁

"康德的啟蒙思想只是就個人而言,我們一般人有三分之一的人生,必須與形形色色的市場兼組織打交道,其中有許許多多的不完滿,戴明稱這種種不自覺的愚昧行為中的「種種因我們的獎懲觀念錯誤所造成的種種人生破壞力為(The forces of destruction that come from present style of reward and their effects)」(The New Economics-For Industry, Government,Education)》p.122)"


  • Bill Cooper
  • John Edelman
  • Mary Jenkins
  • David Langford
第 486 頁
Appendix Transformation in Japan Do not confuse your wits with wisdom. ...不要誤以及機敏就是智慧

第 頁
-New York Times "[Deming] is seen in elite management circles as a last great hope of US industry. ...


第 vi 頁
Some Disappointments in Great Ideas 388 14. Two Reports to Management 397 15. Plan for Minimum Average Total Cost for Test of Incoming Materials and Final ...
第 16 頁
Thomas A. Edison, the great American inventor, is said to have proposed a voting machine to improve the voting procedure used by the Congress of the United ...
第 52 頁
The great advantage of the Kanban system (delivery just in time) is the discipline behind it — processes in control; quality, quantity, and regularity ...
第 54 頁
She would spend the last half-hour of the day with her seven people for examination and scrutiny, with great patience and compassion, of every defective ...
第 57 頁
Historians have determined that almost one out of every four has been great or near great, and over half are above average," said the professor of history ...
第 65 頁
This sounds great, but such a program can only be a farce. How can suppliers make such a sudden change? How will the customer know that he is receiving no ...
第 67 頁
Stable system of defective items. I saw in the cafeteria of a company the charts in Fig. 4. Great idea. Set goals. Give people something to work toward. ...
第 72 頁
This sounds great. Make it clear that this is not the place for mistakes and defective items. Actually, this may be cruel supervision. ...
第 95 頁
The luggage follows, sometimes at huge cost to the airline and at great inconvenience to the passenger. Who would design an airport without reference to the ...
第 116 頁
Every man that I work with is in a high position and is great, worth working with and arguing with. He reached this position by coming out on top in every ...
第 129 頁
Americans are great copiers (QC-Circles, Kanban or just in time, for example). The fact is that the Japanese learn the theory of what they wish to make, ...
第 139 頁
This is of course a great accomplishment, electronically. But for purposes of management, it may be only another bear trap. A single figure (as of yesterday ...
第 173 頁
His students rated him as a great teacher. In contrast, two of my own greatest teachers in universities would be rated poor teachers on every count. ...
第 174 頁
... on to these six men — the kind that make an institution famous — and none of them received from the student body the award "Great Teacher of the Year. ...
第 190 頁
... cost of many millions of dollars, impede transfer of luggage from international arrivals to domestic flights, with great inconvenience to passengers and ...
第 208 頁
The payroll department, because of so many mistakes, succeeded only with great effort to get cheques to the employees four days after the close of the week. ...
第 224 頁
Mistakes that are caught are reworked at great expense. 3. Cost of external failure. These are the errors that get out to the customer and lead to expensive ...
第 275 頁
This might be a great idea if he were indeed an unusual performer for the month. There were 50 men on the production line. Do the results of inspection ...
第 310 頁
The word to use is not important; the concept is, and this is one of the great contributions that Dr. Shewhart gave to the world. ...
第 371 頁
12 More Examples of Improvement Downstream For in much wisdom is great grief; and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. — Ecclesiastes 1:18. ...
第 388 頁
13 Some Disappointments in Great Ideas The aim is admirable, but the method is madness. — Attributed to the (Republican) minority report of the Joint ...
第 389 頁
And here came forth his great idea for supervision : he has a talk with every woman that made more than the average number of errors during the preceding ...
第 394 頁
Leslie Groves how many generals might be called "great." Groves said about three out of every 100. Fermi asked how a general qualified for the adjective, ...
第 395 頁
And somebody gets a promotion for thinking up such a great idea. The man's colleagues may be fooled into thinking that his promotion was based on merit. ...
第 428 頁
A defective, once produced, stays until and unless it is discovered on a later test, to be corrected and replaced at what is usually great cost. ...
第 439 頁
Master test Total: «2 Acceptable: n2l Not acceptable : n22 If the cost of testing the n2 parts by the master method is not too great, this plan may ...
第 465 頁
The importance of continuing such research is very great, although it is not always obvious to those whose interest is entirely in practical applications of ...
第 488 頁
This hurdle was accomplished through the offices of Mr. Ichiro Ishikawa, president of the great Kei-dan-ren (Federated Economic Societies) and president of ...
第 490 頁
... meeting of the American Society for Quality Control in Syracuse in 1952 great strides in quality and output that had been made by 13 Japanese companies. ...

- 2009 Fall Conference: Transformation - Bring Back the Individual

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