「華人戴明學院」是戴明哲學的學習共同體 ,致力於淵博型智識系統的研究、推廣和運用。 The purpose of this blog is to advance the ideas and ideals of W. Edwards Deming.

1970年12月31日 星期四

1960, 1961,1962,1963,1964,1965, 1966



第 444 頁
(Suggested by this author, working as a consultant to Dr. Franz J. Kallmann, deceased, at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, about 1960, and accepted ...

60 歲出版 統計學最後的專著 Sample Design in Business Research
這本書十六年之後台大商學系才買 每年約一人借閱

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1. from Front Matter:
"... problems here and there disguised to form exercises and examples. W. EDWARDS DEMING Washington July 1960 ..."

__ #107: Uncertainties in statistical data and their relation to the design and management of statistical surveys and experiments, Proceedings of the International Statistical Institute, Tokyo, June 1960

___ #108: Some stratified sampling plans in replicated designs, Estadistica, 1960

___ #109: Design of a replicated sample to measure the change in value of an inventory, Proceedings of the International Statistical Institute, Tokyo, June 1960

___ #110: An application of a replicated national sample in consumer research, Am. Society for Quality Control, Philadelphia, 5 June 1961


___ #110: Mise en practique de l'echantillennage a l'echelon national dans une enquete sur les consommateurs, Revue de Statisique Applique, 1962, vol.x, no.1

___ #111: Some statistical principles for efficient design of surveys and experiments, being Chapter 5 in Kallmann's GENETICS IN PSYCHIATRY (Grune and Stratton, New York, 1962)

___ #112: On the correction of mathematical bias by use of replicated designs, an invited paper for Festschrift an Herrn Professor Dr. Hans Kellerer, Sonderband Metrika, 1962, pp.37-42


___ #113: On some of the contributions of interpenetrating networks of samples, an invited paper in honor of P.C. Mahalanobis's 70th birthday, Sankhya, vol.24, 1963

___ #114: On a statistical formulation of variances in experimentation with twins, NY State Psychiatric Institute

___ #118: On the use of sampling in management and research, I.C.C. Practitioners Journal, vol.xxxi, No.2, 1963: pp.135-147

___ #119: Quelques methodes de sondage, Revue de Statistique Appliquee, vol.xxi, pp.11-55 (Paris 1964)

___ #120: Some responsibilities of a statistician, Industrial Quality Control, vol.xx, No.9, March 1964

___ #121: Some remarks on recent advances in the statistical control of quality in Japan, Address delivered at a meeting of the American Society of Quality Control at Stanford University, September 12, 1964


Rekindling the Olympic spirit


The theme song of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics was "Tokyo Gorin Ondo," a tune that reflected the heady celebrations that filled the nation. After it was written in 1963, big record companies rushed to sign pop superstars such as Michiya Mihashi, Kyu Sakamoto, Yukio Hashi and Haruo Minami to record the song for their labels.
這年我國小五年級 台北中山國小忠班 同班有許多有錢人 他們家有電視 我們沒 要幾年之後才有


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1965年11月10日,東京的"每日新聞”上有文簡述日本戰後的品質發展史。Deming的日記/雜記簿上有其英文翻譯和按語: 「第七次訪日,此作品無刪減、不胡說、坦誠。作者為一旅途疲勞的統計師。他記下其在日本的日常工作。他一向佩服日本人如此執著、如此成果豐碩,如此富魅力…..此為對作者在日本所作之花絮報導的最佳範本。」

___ #122: Theory of surveys to estimate a roving population, by W. Edwards Deming and Nathan Keyfitz, World Population Congress, Belgrade, 30 August 1965

_ #121A: Some remarks on recent advances in the statistical control of quality in Japan, Reprinted from Sankhya: The Indian Journal of Statistics, Series B, Vol. 28, Parts 1&2, 1966

___ #124: A review of regression estimators, by W. Edwards Deming and Morris H. Hansen, Festschrift an Herrn Professor Wagenfuhr, Universitat Tubingen, 1966


Peter Drucker's "Effective Executive" was written in 1966



27: What happened in Japan? Industrial Quality Control, vol.24, No.2, August 1967, pp.89-93
__ #130: Interaction measurements in psychiatric patients with early total deafness, by Kenneth Z. Altshuler and W. Edwards Deming, Archives of General Psychiatry, vol.17, September 1967

  • W. Edwards Deming (1967) "Walter A. Shewhart, 1891-1967," American Statistician 21: 39-40.



#131: Sample surveys, International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (The Macmillan Company and the Free Press), vol.13, 1968: pp.594-612

_ #128: On a recursion formula for the proportion of persons having a first admission as schizophrenic, Behavioral Science, vol.13, No.6, Nov. 1968

___ #129: A Markovian analysis of the life of newspaper subscriptions, by W. Edwards Deming and Gerald J. Glasser, Management Science, vol.14, 1968


1970年12月30日 星期三



· TQC adopted throughout company.

1965 · The Deming Prize awarded.
The Deming Prize awarded
TMC President Fukio Nakagawa (1961-1967) and Dr. W. Edwards Deming

After the success of the new Corona and through further improvements, Toyota's TQC efforts were officially recognized in 1965, when the company was awarded the Deming Application Prize for quality control management. Toyota has stressed the importance of quality control ever since and it is thanks to these continued efforts that the Toyota brand the world over has become synonymous with Quality, Durability and Reliability.

Award Ceremony for the Deming Application Prize, 1965

Award Ceremony for the Deming Application Prize, 1965

Deming Medal, 1965

Deming Medal, 1965
The Deming Application Prize was established by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers to commemorate the achievements of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, who contributed much towards promoting and spreading quality control in Japan. It is awarded to the company recognized as having made the most outstanding improvements through the application of total quality control, and is still awarded to this day

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Statistical methods and scientific inference

Statistical methods and scientific inference (1956) by R. A. Fisher
1959 revised edition
1972 revised and enlarged edition
我八零年代從政大 copied 一本 一直都讀不懂

1970年11月8日 星期日

W. EdwardsDming博士著{品管九講 } 譯者劉振序言 (1970)


日本之有品質管制,雖始自公元1948年,而發揚光大,實奠基於1950年W. Edwards Deming博士訪日時所播之種籽,經二十年之灌溉培植,在國際上已佔有卓越之地位。日本工業之進步,產品品質之精良,已一變世人之觀感。此種飛躍之成就,其得益於品質管制之助,洵非過譽。

W. Edwards eDming博士為世界知名之抽樣理論權威,對品質管制尤有精湛之研究,著作等身,望重士林。自1950年在日舉辦講習班後,其對日本工業上之影響與貢獻,無與倫此,舉國景從,幾已成為日本品管界之偶像,故日本科學技術連盟特設置Deming獎,以示祟敬。

於民國46年在木柵,參加中國生產力中心與台糖公司合辦之品質管制訓練班。班中曾發給此書油印本一冊,作為參考。歸而捧讀再四,心竊喜之。屢思譯述,苦無原本,52年夏於張源漳兄處,獲讀日本科技連盟出版之英文本 (第二版),退食之餘,遂根據是書,加以迻譯。

按是書為日本科技連盟於1950年7月10日至18日,邀請 Deming 博士在東京舉辦為期八天之「品質管制講習班」中之講詞,經日人筆錄而輯成。主其事者,為該連盟前專務理事已故小柳賢一先生。當時所用之教材為美國ASA之Z1.1,Z1.2,Z1.3 (即「品質管制指南」﹑「分析數據用的管制圖法」、「管制品質用的管制圖法」三書。現均譯成中文,由中央標準局列入國家標準,其編號分別為CNS一2311 Z45, CNS一2312 Z46, CNS-2579 Z79)。故本書中所引證之資料,均為美國原本頁數。是書說理詳明,深入淺出,且多質疑問難之辭,實為優良之讀本。如能與美國 Z1.1,Z1.2,Z1.3 三書,互相參閱,當相得益彰。


本書譯稿早於53(1964)年元旦譯畢,嗣於當年4月間函告 Deming 博士,不僅獲得同意,且謂須重新校訂,實出望外,欣喜可知。旋於1965年4月間寄來校訂本及補充之原稿26頁,增刪甚多,本書原僅六講,而 Deming博士將第一講完全刪除,另增三講,復將緒言作為一講,合共九講。Deming博士對原稿之校讎,至為精審,雖一點一撇之微,亦必親加改正,可見其敬業之誠。因將部份原稿,刊於篇首,既所以對原作之珍視,亦足為吾人之楷模。

當時即送請中華民國品質管制學會印行,並已於出版委員會中編列預算,惟委員間觀點不一,有謂係十餘年前之著作,亦有認為須審閱譯稿者,致遷延未決,遂擱置迄今。其間 Deming博士數度來函詢問,備致關切,竟無以作答,深感愧疚,至今猶耿耿於懷。

今年11月23日至28日,Deming博士首次蒞台,將先後在台北及高雄兩地演講三天,為我國品管界一大盛事。而此稿之亟待出版,殆無置疑。因將修訂之原稿,夙夜趕譯,付諸剞劂,作為 Deming博士蒞台之紀念,亦所以稍償內心之歉意,諒Deming博士當為之莞爾也。

是書之成,馮永業兄出力最多,並承夏子中兄校閱,糾舛正誤,益使本書生色。其間復蒙已故之Henry J. Jacobson先生代為與 Deming博士聯繫,將修訂本轉來,盛情彌感。本書第二講至第四講為李維文兄所校閱,亦不敢掠美。此外,陳瑞益兄協助校對,得以如期出版,均於此一併致誠摯之謝意。


1970年8月15日 星期六


2/24 Harold Hotelling 給印度政府備忘錄說明 "統計理論和技術的研究"之本質和重要性
Deming 著的 Out of the Crisis 第16章引為題詞

Hotelling, H. (1940). The teaching of statistics, Ann. Math. Statist., 11, 457-470.


WED was engaged by the U.S. Army as a consultant to set up courses in SQC for engineers...

JMA, Japan Management Association 成立


Deming developed the sampling techniques that were used for the first time during the 1940 U.S. Census. During World War II, Deming was a member of the five-man Emergency Technical Committee. He worked with H.F. Dodge, A.G. Ashcroft, Leslie E. Simon, R.E. Wareham, and John Gaillard in the compilation of the American War Standards (American Standards Association ZI.1-3 published in 1942) and taught statistical process control (SPC) techniques to workers engaged in wartime production.


Statistical Adjustment of Data, John Wiley and Sons, 1943, Dover 1964. by W. Edwards Deming:

Demming (1943) 說:「蒐集數據的目的是為了行動」。

Sample Design in Business Research, John Wiley and Sons, 1960. by W. Edwards Deming:




Some Principles of the Shewhart Methods of Quality Control, Mechanical Engineering, vol.66, pp.173-177, March, 1944


JSA, Japan Standards association 成立

92本正式投降Atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, and Japan's formal surrender on September 2 ended the war.

1946-48 a "blue funk period".


American Society for Quality Control (ASQC)成立,後改名 American Society for Quality (ASQ)。從 1987 ASQ 代處理 the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, 行政。


JUSE is the telegraphic code for the Union of Japanese Science and Engineering, Tokyo.

JUSE was established in May 1946 and authorized as the foundation of a juridical body by the Science and Technology Agency (reformed Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) of Japanese Government.
    The objective of JUSE is to promote systematic studies needed for the advancement of science and technology, whereupon to contribute to the development of culture and industry.
The field of science and technology that JUSE has been involved in since its establishment belongs to the Soft Technology where the mathematical and statistical methods can be applied to the corporate management. Especially, the quality control has been the primary subject of JUSE and great efforts have been bent to the development and dissemination of the technology. Today, JUSE is widely known in and out the country as a "Center of Quality Control in Japan". JUSE has managed the Deming Prize, which has been well known in the field of the Total Quality Management. Moreover, we are a member of the sponsor group of the Campaign "Quality Month" in November in Japan. During recent years, more than 20,000 people including 500 of senior managers from enterprises have been taking part in our Education and Training Courses in the fields below every year that is one of our main activities.
  1. Quality Management, QC Circle
  2. Reliability Engineering
  3. Multivariate Analysis, Design of Experiment
  4. Marketing Analysis, Sensory Evaluation, Products Liability
  5. ISO Management System(QMS, EMS), OHSMS, ISMS and others.

Homer M. Sarason 到日本聯軍統率總部的民用通信部CCS-SCAPCivil Communication Section- Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers 任職至1950,開過 CCS管理研討會。事蹟參考:Louis E. Schultz Profiles in Quality: Learning from the Masters『品質群像: 向品管大師學習』劉秋枝譯,寂天文化事業有限公司,1999

Eugene L. Grant, Professor of Economics of Engineering at Stanford, was a
profound scholar, an inspiring teacher, a mentor who influenced the careers of
many both in academia and industry, an excellent writer, a distinguished
engineer, and a pioneer in engineering education. He is well known worldwide
for his textbooks Principles of Engineering Economy, first published in 1930 and
now in its eighth edition (1990, co-authored with W. G. Ireson and Richard
Leavenworth) and Statistical Quality Control, first published in 1946 and now in
its seventh edition (1996, co-authored with Richard Leavenworth).

Consultant in research and in industry 1946-93

Professor of Statistics, Graduate School of Business Administration, New York University 1946-93

Statistician, Allied Mission to Observe the Greek Elections, January-April 1946; July-October 1946 Consultant

* Morris H. Hansen and William N. Hurwitz, "The problem of nonresponse in sample-surveys," J. Amer. Statist. Ass., vol. 41, 1946: pp. 517-529

on Page 241:
"... t I learned the use of this X-pattern at the Alfred Politz Research, Inc., New York, about 1946. An example of a map and list of portions, with selection of I portion, ..."


Henry Ford過世(1863−1947)

統計品管專家W.愛德華.戴明由美國政府(為S. A. Rice領島隊的統計任務團成員)派來日本,任務是協助日本作1951年人口/經濟調查。Deming自言與農業部、住屋建設、就業部連絡,也認識許多統計學家和經濟學家。

Delegate from the A.A.A.S. to the Indian Science Congress, New Delhi, January 1947
Adviser in sampling techniques to the Supreme Command of the Allied Powers, Tokyo, 1947 and 1950

Member of the United Nations Sub-Commission on Statistical Sampling, 1947-52

HC emailed to Prof. Kerridge, 2006
Dear David,
I found out that "probability-sample and judgement samples" were coined by WED. In a note in his Some Theory of Sampling reads as follows,
These terms and definitions were first put forward by the author in an article "Some criteria for judging the quality of survey," J. of Marketing, vol. xii, 1947....(p.9)
----Answer from David
Dear Hanching and Jean-Marie

>I found out that "probability-sample and judgement samples" were coined
by WED.

Thanks for that reference. Judgement samples had been used before - as
WED points out in "probability as a guide for action" all drug-testing
is done on judgement samples. But from the reference you give it shows
that Deming was the first to make the distinction clear.

In a way, this is related to Shewhart's distinction between pure and
applied science. In the early days of statistical theory, applied
science was regarded as inferior. R A Fisher, for example, treated pure
science as the only real science, which is absurd when you consider his
contributions to Agriculture. But this was the academic snobbery of the
time - which is still powerful.

In pure science all samples are judgement samples, because you can
never enumerate the problems that will be met in the future. R A Fisher
was aware of this, and always spoke of sampling from a "Hypothetical
infinite population". This is clearly not dealing with an actual, known
population, as in all enumerative studies.

Best wishes


Professor W. Edwards Deming Professor of Statistics New York University 1947- 1993

.Morris Hansen, "The sampling of human populations," Proceedings of the International Statistical Institute, Washington, 1947.


FORMOSA KILLINGS ARE PUT AT 10,000; Foreigners Say the Chinese Slaughtered Demonstrators Without Provocation


March 29, 1947, Saturday

Page 6, 554 words

NANKING, March 28 -- Foreigners who have just returned to China from Formosa corroborate reports of wholesale slaughter by Chinese troops and police during anti-Government demonstrations a month ago. [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]

The history of modern photography is usually traced back to the first
chemical picture ever taken back in 1827. Fast forward more than a hundred
years and the Polaroid Corporation unveiled the landmark instant film
camera, commercially released in 1947.

The DW-WORLD Article


Hotelling, H., Bartky, W. Deming, W.E.,Friedman, M., Hoel, P.(1948). The Teaching of

Statistics, A Report of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics Committee on the

Teaching of Statistics, Ann. Math. Stat. 19, 95-115


The Western powers pledge cooperation as Moscow breaks the U.S. nuclear monopoly and communists take over China.


Hotelling, H. (1949). The place of statistics in the university, Proc. of the Berkeley

Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probbability, 21-49, University of California


#63 Observations on the 1946 elections in Greece
by Deming, Jessen, Kempthorne, Daly, Amer. Sociological Rev., vol.14, 1949: pp.11-16

1949年博士協助日本人口普查局準備 設計 1950年 10月的調查東京和大阪之人口

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31. on Page 267:
"... my privilege to be there during the preceding summer, and to assist in the design of a sample-tabulation of the complete census. The aim was to provide advance tabulations of a number of important characteristics of the people, not for small areas, ..."

1. on Page 267:
"... know that they are working on a sample at all. • 1 wish to record my indebtedness to Professor Kinichiro Saito of St. Sophia University, Tokyo, and to Professor Akira Asai of Chiba University for the privilege of working with them ..."
2. on Page 424:
"... P 2C * Kinichiro Saito, "Maximum likelihood estimate of proportion using supplementary information," Bull. Math. Statist., vol. 7, 1956: pp. 11-17 (Research Association of Statistical Sciences, Fukuoka, Japan)"

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第 216 頁
7 (July 1952): 84-89; JS Pairo, "Using ratio-delay studies to set allowance," Factory 106, no. 10 (October 1943): 94. ...
第 447 頁
... Alexander M. Mood, "On the dependence of sampling inspection plans upon population distributions," Annals of Mathematical Statistics 14 (1943): 415-425. ...
第 463 頁
... 1943 ...
第 464 頁
plans upon population distributions," Annals of Mathematical Statistics 14 (1943): 415^25. Joyce Orsini, "Simple rule to reduc





第 487 頁
... had acquired appreciation for the contribution to quality and productivity that the Shewhart methods might make to Japanese industry. The time was 1948 ...



1932 Deming married Elizabeth Shupe. The couple had two more children, Diana and Linda

THE TWILIGHT YEARS: The Paradox of Britain Between the Wars


Shewhart , Walter A., The Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product , Princeton , N. J.D. Van Nostrand Company , 1931. Reprinted by American Society for Quality Control , 1980.(當時台灣有翻印) 。此書有法文本(Jean-Marie Gaogue翻譯)和日文本。



On the Statistical Theory of Errors - all 4 versions »
WE Deming, RT Birge - Reviews of Modern Physics, 1934 - APS
Erratum: W. Edwards Deming and Raymond T. Birge, On the Statistical Theory of Errors Errata, Rev. Mod. Phys. 6, 281 (1934). ... (Some reference links may require a separate subscription.) ... Raymond T. Birge, Phys. Rev. 40, ...



1935-1953 Head, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Graduate School, Agriculture Department

Deming invited Shewhart, as well as Fisher, Wishart, Cochran, and others, to lecture at USDA.




1936 Studied under Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher and Jerzy Neyman at University College, London, England

There's no reason that an exhibition whose sole organizing principle is to present photographs taken in a single year should be meaningful, let alone interesting. If anything, the opposite is true: the overall quality of work produced in a given year is apt to be average.

On the other hand, no period is without some good work; judicious selection could make any year look good. And such a selection might suggest other understandings about the period in question.

No doubt that was the thinking behind "1936," at the James Danziger Gallery, and "Circa 1956," a companion show at the 292 Gallery, both in SoHo. Both focus on works made in a given year, although only "1936" adheres closely to that restriction; the show at 292 includes works from throughout the 1950's.



In 1937, Dr. Juran created the "Pareto principle," which millions of managers rely on to help separate the "vital few" from the "useful many" in their activities. This is commonly referred to as the 80-20 principle. Its universal application makes it one of the most useful concepts and tools of modern-day management. This is now referred to as Juran's Pareto Principle.


Least Squares, The Graduate School, Department of Agriculture, Washington 1938. by W. Edwards Deming: 此法稱為Deming最小平方法, 例:木梨非線形関数に対する最小二法(デミングの最小二法)について ... 創的で画期的方法

Deming 更是這本演講集的編輯/改寫者:Lectures and Conferences on Mathematical Statistics, Graduate School, U.S. Department of Agriculture ,1938 這本書印700本,很快就賣光了。Deming等人的文風都是追求清楚明白….傳記 Neyman-from life by C Reid - 1982 - Springer-Verlag New York--中文翻譯 奈曼:來自生活的統計學家 / 康斯坦絲.瑞德(Constance Reid)著 ; 姚慕生,陳克艱,王順義譯, 上海市 : 上海科學技術 , 2001[民90],

Shewhart USDA Lectures

10/26 nylon: chemical company DuPont announced the name of its new synthetic fiber (1938)


Shewhart , Walter A. Statistical Methods from the Viewpoint of Quality Control , Washington , D. C.Department of Agriculture , 1939. W. E. Deming(主編)

Seven years at the Bureau of the Census began in 1939



科恩:在上世紀30年代初的大蕭條時期﹐寶潔公司 (Procter & Gamble Co.)說過﹐我們將竭盡全力營銷我們的產品﹐我們要在收音機上營銷──這類似於那個時代的互聯網──我們還將讚助這些小戲劇──這這就是它們最終被稱為 肥皂劇的原因。因此﹐(衰退時的一個教訓)就是市場﹐市場。不要削減營銷。


科恩:我想國際商業機器公司(IBM)的沃特森(Tom Watson Sr.)在大蕭條時候的做法有些近乎瘋狂。

1932 年﹐他宣佈IBM將投資100萬美元在紐約州單獨建立一個打孔制表機研發實驗室。當時這個領域的所有其它企業都在削減研發支出。沃特森實際上是在僱用更多 的人、建造更多的機器﹐並且還告訴工廠﹐即使他不能賣掉機器﹐他那就繼續增加庫存。這給公司帶來了巨大的壓力。它們沒有賣出所有機器。



1921 Deming earned a BA degree in engineering from University of Wyoming


1922 Deming married Agnes Bell. She passed away in 1930 after the couple adopted daughter Dorothy

1925 Deming earned master’s degrees in mathematics and physics from University of Colorado


In 1927, Deming was introduced to Walter A. Shewhart of the Bell Telephone Laboratories by Dr. C.H. Kunsman of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

1928 Deming achieved a doctorate degree in physics from Yale. Eventually, Deming would be honored with honorary doctorate degrees from 15 universities


G. S. Radford20世紀最早撰「品質控制」的書(The Control of Quality of Manufacturing, New York: Ronald Press Company, 1922)和1917年文章的The Control of Quality, Engineering Management, October p.4.29)。當時的「品質控制」已是有「革除事後補救,改為偵測、預防」的觀念(p.4.2),不過後來意義更窄這些文獻最早出現在Managing Quality by David A. Garvin, New York: the Free Press, 1988, p.250 之後再由朱蘭(J. M. Juran1999)的《品質手冊(Juran Quality Handbook)》 )Quality Control Process中列舉,不過未注明轉引。後文改為The Control of Quality, Industrial Management, Vol. 54, p.100 Juran, p.4.29

由自己製作的30塊均整水泥塊( 3組 各10塊)的crushing strength (抗压强度;耐压强度;压碎强度) 了解變異和變異的測度(probable error*)--Deming 著的The New Economics 第10 章--到1980年代中 小學五年級學生P. Nolan就可以學習了解變異之知識 他更引 Harold Hotelling的說法 要多少懂得變異之知識 才算受過通識教育

* n. (Abbr. PE) The amount by which the arithmetic mean of a sample is expected to vary because of chance alone.

第10 章的 motto(章前題句/金言/格言) 選用次經後典 Sirach ('rək) or Ecclesiasticus (ēklē'zēăs'tĭkəs) [Lat. from Gr.,=ecclesiastical],


1925年,戴明以物理學博士生身份到芝加哥西方電氣公司(Western Electric)的霍桑(Hawthorne)廠實習。「….那兒的人們已經對貝爾實驗中心(Bell Telephone Laboratories,位於紐約463西街--貝爾實驗中心是AT&T 公司的智庫、綜合研究所。)的Shewhart博士的工作有所談論。他們說他們不懂得Shewhart博士的確實工作,不過他是了不起的,在為他們解決種種問題。








戴明:「我有幸在1927年認識Shewhart 博士,此後並且多次與他在紐約的貝爾實驗中心會面。我也曾在他位於Moutain Lake的家中度過許多愉快的夜晚,那兒從Hoboken搭乘Lackawanna火車大約要花一鐘頭。」


戴明的好友Myron Tribus在網站上和我們分享:ShewhartBell Labs的同事 Fry,他在1928年出版的《概率與其工程上的應用》("Probability and Its Engineering Uses" by Thornton C. Fry)是本好書,戴明與Shewhart多受益--Shewhart的書中推薦它,戴明同意。

JSTOR: Probability and Its Engineering Uses

Probability and its Engineering Uses, By THORNTON C. FRY. Pp. xiv+476. 30s. 1928 . (Macmillan.) It is sometimes alleged that the study of mathematics is ...






W. Edwards Deming
William Edwards Deming was born in Sioux City, Iowa on 14 October 1900 to William Albert Deming and Pluma Irene Edwards.

As an adult, he used the name W. Edwards Deming.

His brother, Robert Edwards was born on 11 May 1902; his sister, Elizabeth Marie, later Elizabeth Deming Hood was born on 21 January 1909.

The family lived at 121 Bluff Street in Sioux City. In 1904, they moved to the Edwards farm located in Polk City, between Ames and Des Moines. The farm was owned by Pluma’s father, Henry Coffin Edwards (Pluma’s mother, Elizabeth Grant, died when Pluma was young).

In an effort to encourage settlement in the West, the United States government granted parcels of land (usually 40 or 80 acres) to citizens who agreed to settle, farm or develop the land.

William Albert Deming filed on 40 acres in Camp Coulter, later named Powell, Wyoming. The family moved to Wyoming in 1907. They rented a house in Cody until they could build on their own land. William Albert learned that his parcel was poor, useless for farming.

Their first dwelling was a shelter, rectangular in shape (like a railroad box car), covered with tar paper, often referred to as a tar paper shack. Water was pumped from a well. There was little protection from the harsh weather. The family was often cold, hungry and in debt.

Eighty years later, on a visit to Powell, Dr. Deming learned that the 40 acres was still referred to as the Deming Addition.

Pluma Irene and William Albert Deming were well-educated and emphasized the importance of education to their children. Pluma had studied in San Francisco and was a musician. William Albert had studied mathematics and law. Young Ed Deming attended school in Powell and held odd jobs to help support the family.


1906 As a six-year-old, Deming moved with his family to a Cody boarding house

1908 The Deming family moved to a 40-acre homestead near Powell

uesday, 06 January 2009

The new year promises to be a significant one for Powell as the community celebrates its centennial.

Over the past year, the Powell Centennial Committee began prepping for the milestone with a lecture series and other events. This year, much more is planned — gatherings, lectures, a beard contest in honor of the town’s namesake, John Wesley Powell, and a calendar featuring 365 interesting tidbits of Powell history.

Each issue of the Powell Tribune in 2009 will carry one of those notable facts on the front page.

Powell’s Centennial is a chance for its residents — present and former — to reflect on the people and events that have shaped Powell since its inception.

Those events include the oil discovery in Elk Basin, the completion of the Buffalo Bill Dam, the establishment of local schools and the development of homesteads and businesses.

People shaping Powell’s history include the internationally acclaimed W. Edwards Deming, a 1917 Powell High School graduate who helped raise Japan to a world economic power, and the infamous bank robber Earl Durand.

As Powell celebrates its centennial during the next 12 months, residents will have opportunities to learn about its history, appreciate the community for what it has become and establish a foundation for its next 100 years.














1953,1954,1955, 1956, 19571958




1955 The American Society for Quality Control recognized Deming with the Shewhart Medal.

Teacher and consultant to Japanese industry, through the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers 1950, 1951, 1952, 1955, 1960, 1965 ......


Peter Drucker, regarded by many as the father of contemporary business philosophies, wrote in "The Practice of Management," published in 1955, ...



1950 年初,我國經濟逐步成長,各種產業正處於萌芽階段,為協助產業提高生產力,財團法人中國生產力中心遂於 1955 年 11 月 11 日 創立,英文名稱為 China Productivity Center ,簡稱 CPC ,是我國成立最早、最大的經營管理顧問機構。 財團法人中國生產力中心成立 由美國經濟援助的「中國生產力中心」成立。施政楷是中心首任的也是唯一的「工業工程顧問師」。這是「工業工程」的開始。直接譯自美國的Industrial Engineering

曾約農先生(1893-1986,享壽九十五歲)。 東海校長 縷陳其大學的構想。他認為大學主要的目的,在於保存與培養文化,因此課程之選訂,務使能建立一種包括古風之文化 環境,再進一步地溝通東西、古今文化。其次,基督教育與其他性質之訓練皆有賴知識與經驗,因此教職員生必須維持高度標準,校內團體生活應受基督教條管制, 以及學校當局應與政府合作。最後,並提出關於行政方面的諸項指導原則。凡此,均獲董事會的支持與嘉許。勞作教育和通才教育兩項制度,最能表現的建校理 想與曾校長的貢獻。

曾校長與勞作教育制度 在 勞作制度方面,曾校長以身作則,與學生共同參與,並撰文表明勞作與傳統儒家精神間的關係,奠下勞作制度的哲學基礎。通才教育,更為中國教育制度革新之一種 試探,曾校長對此教育方式之哲學觀念,明顯地表達在「宏通教育淺釋」一文中。他認為「課程之問題小,哲學之問題大,心理之問題尤大。」宏通教育,若論方法 則重理性主義 (rationalism) ,若論宗旨則重人文主義 (humanism)。因而強調「宏則無所不包,通則無所不達」的「求真之學」--「大學教育,當以求真為前提。既窺其全,復扼其要。得全則宏,扼要則 通。既宏且通,教育以成。」




In 1958, when the Japanese research expedition to Antarctica was forced to leave behind 15 Sakhalin Huskies in Syowa Station, the entire nation was grief-stricken over the news.

Members of the first expedition had no choice but to chain the dogs at the station and leave them behind to fend for themselves. Some readers must know from the 1983 movie "Nankyoku Monogatari" (Antarctica) or other sources that the members had exhausted every possible means to save the dogs and the decision was inevitable.