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2005年7月27日 星期三

「關鍵決策年Deming 1950」--FORTUNE 雙周刊

簡注FORTUNE 雙周刊的「關鍵決策年Deming 1950

下文為近期FORTUNE 雙周刊 Wikipedia article "Fortune (magazine)".(established 1930),為慶祝其創立75周年的主題 KEY DECISIONS,其中選過去150年,西方的20件改變歷史之事件20 That Made History),其中之一為
Deming 1950
”-- Deming博士講學日本。

此篇行文有點「輕浮」。有興趣的讀者請參考W. E. Deming『轉危為安』(Out of the Crisis)之附錄。


20 That Made History
Many of these epic decisions were breathtakingly smart. Some were appallingly stupid. But all of them shaped the modern world of business.

1950: Deming charts Japan’s remarkable course

下一原文網頁已失效 只當歷史http://www.fortune.com/fortune/fortune75/articles/0,15114,1071184-9,00.html

Sometimes big decisions are made to the blare of banner headlines. And sometimes they are made quietly, with no more drama than a puff of air. At a dinner party in Tokyo in the summer of 1950, 21 of Japan’s most influential corporate leaders, who accounted for some 80% of the country’s industrial capacity, made the latter kind of decision. What they did was listen—specifically to W. Edwards Deming, an obscure American statistician who had never met a payroll and had been to Japan only once before. Deming was nonetheless certain that he knew how to solve postwar Japan’s economic problems. "You can send quality out and get food back," he told his skeptical audience.

Blare- A loud, strident noise. 2. Flamboyance.

v. intr. - 高聲鳴叫, 大叫 v. tr. - 嘟嘟地發出, 高聲發出
n. - 嘟嘟聲, 耀眼的光, 響而刺耳的聲音

日本語 (Japanese) v. - 鳴り響く n. - うるさい音

Banner . - 旗幟, 通欄頭號標題:a newspaper headline that runs across the full page
Synonym: streamer

The pursuit of quality, Deming said, was the key to higher productivity, bigger profits, more jobs, and therefore a richer society. Quality, he lectured, did not begin by finding defects at the end of the production line. It had to be pursued along every link of the supply chain, with the active cooperation of everyone from suppliers to the humblest worker on the factory floor. If Japanese companies followed his 14 points, Deming promised his dinner companions and other managers in a series of lectures that summer, their goods would be world-class in five years. The notion seemed ridiculous. At the time, the term "Made in Japan" was such a joke that some factory owners set up operations in the village of Usa so that they could mark their products "Made in USA." But Japan’s poohbahs didn’t have any better ideas, so they decided to take up Deming’s challenge.

【注意;Usa為日本村鎮名,可以用來表示「Usa製」(Made in Usa),與「美國製」(Made in USA)混淆。

poohbah or Poohbah :這是1885年W. S. Gilbert著名的輕歌劇作品The Mikado(英文中表示「日本天皇」a former title of the emperor of Japan used chiefly in the English language.。此劇為想像中之日本皇朝下之故事)中之「(洋洋得意的、身兼數職的)要人、顯貴」。As president, state warden, and security chief, the leader described in Gilbert and Sullivan's “The Mikado” is a poohbah poohbah or Poohbah or Pooh-Bah

2005年7月6日 星期三

BBC:Do It Like Deming/ 2005年7月 2005.07


BBC Radio 4 的DEMING 節目如何由你錄音,再傳給我(我不懂得什麼叫 mp3及如何用它),或許我可以練習騰譯之 ….
感謝Justing,他錄BBC28分鐘關於Dr.  Deming 節目(Thanks you very much. I enjoyed very nuch.Now I face the issues of how to translate it efficiently...HC),我自己再聽一次,並轉寄給Dr Myron Tribus.

Dear Myron,
Attached is the BBC Radio 4 program for your reference.
Please do help us to find the text if possible.
I enjoyed it very much although as you said most of the message is common sense.
Best Wishes,
hanching chung

I did not hear the BBC program to which you refer. I hope that what I said was worthwhile! I do not recall what I said at the time. If you send me a brief extract, I may be able to find the speech and will gladly send it to you with permission to translate, if you wish.

2005年七月,尋智專業顧問何哲文先生寄文和一些王晃三老師之作品。戴久永和林公孚先生賜文。17 越南林志郎先生昨天來訪,計畫越南兩天一夜 六小時課。20日參加中華民國品質學會(CSQ)「研究發展委員會第15次會議」。
本刊專欄徐歷昌先生訪問中國。問Bill Scherkenbach 美國戴明協會刊頭之一引言,他答說不知道也。引言似乎經常/每日更換,2006/7/28登的引言(Quote from W. Edwards Deming )是: A rule should suit the purpose

陳寬仁老師來信:「7/26 我應晃三邀為口試委員 去中原評審碩士班應屆畢業生五名,順便在院長室拍下他退休前打包現場照片 以及圖書館正門照片一張,也許你能利用?
27日晚參加在品質學會由來新陽會友報告的「ISO 10002:2004 抱怨處理」。一直在追憶反省我在大企業中當主管時怎樣處理它,….

簡記BBC的廣播:Do It Like Deming
之前,接到美國Deming Electronic Network 預報此廣播節目。
我聽完之後,才收到英國周日Times 的消息:
July 03, 2005
Business on the box
In Business. BBC Radio 4. Tonight, 9.30pm. Peter Day looks at W Edwards Deming, the quality guru whose analysis transformed Japanese business after the second world war.
The cult of quality is now taken for granted in business.
It was inspired by a single American guru, the late W Edwards Deming, whose ideas shocked the world when they were first picked up in Japan in the 1950s.
But there's more to Deming than merely the pursuit of quality. And many of his other ideas still have the power to transform the way people work... and the way companies operate.
That's what his disciples say, anyway.
Peter Day finds out more.
Norman Speirs
European Director, Management Wisdom
Hazel Cannon
Leader of the Deming Forum
Jane Seddon
Process Management International
Debbie Ray
Good Samaritan Hospital Dayton, Ohio
Myron Tribus
former professor MIT and Dartmouth Universities in America
David Wormald
Managing Director, Raflatac
Nick Baxter
Chief Executive and Founder of Cornerstone International -- 2005-07-04 05:44:52 --
Homepage http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/news/inbusiness/index.shtml
我將它貼在SIMON University,並將它以’reply to all’ 方式傳給justing /kevin和品質知識社群(QKC) 的人,其中只有「國立勤益技術學院 林文燦」將他名片傳給我。
晚上請燕和justing錄音【BBC Radio 4DEMING 節目如何由你錄音,再傳給我(我不懂得什麼叫mp3及如何用它),或許我可以練習騰譯之….】,心想也許我可以做義工,將它翻譯出來。
恰巧又和Myron Tribus通信。他搬到Florida天氣很好,每天都可游泳。

Dear Myron,

Yesterday I listened to BBC Radio 4. Your voice in the Do It Like Deming is still sound quite young and vital.

This message was noticed by DEN and my Google Alerts ( by the Sunday Times).
I passed the information to about 35 persons in Taiwan.

For this kind of program for general public, I am thinking about translating it into Chinese and post it in the web or blog. I am wondering the transcript of the radio program is available or not. If available, it helps to accelerate the translations and better quality assurance.

Best Wishes,

Hanching Chung