「華人戴明學院」是戴明哲學的學習共同體 ,致力於淵博型智識系統的研究、推廣和運用。 The purpose of this blog is to advance the ideas and ideals of W. Edwards Deming.

2004年12月15日 星期三

A Toast to Dr. W. Edwards Deming



A MAQIN Special Event Tedd Snyder, Albany Analytical On December 15 th , at the Great Dane Brewpub, a group of MAQIN members celebrated the life and work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

Maury Cotter, Director of Strategic Planning and Quality Improvement, University of Wisconsin-Madison, opened the session asking, “Why are we here?”, using the same phrase with which Dr. Deming began his seminars. The group heard some of the life lessons from Dr. Deming as Maury recounted from the October 1994 issue of the newsletter, SPC INK: If it weren’t for Dr. Deming… “I would still read the daily stock market reports and think they meant something. I would know my auto service/repair people as well as I used to. I would blame the store clerk for the long lines and the return policy. I would scrape the burnt toast and not fix the toaster. I would reduce my costs by buying the lowest priced thread. I would design a new product and then market it hard to try to convince customers they needed it. I would tell my kids to do their own work and that working on their homework with other kids was cheating. I would fire the lowest producing worker, but first I’d have him train his replacement.”

Six “Willing Workers;” reenacted the Red Bead Experiment. Dr. Deming called the Red Bead Experiment, “a stupidly simple experiment” that uses variation in worker performance to show that “performance does not come from the individual, it comes mostly from the system that he works in.” In other words, a bad process, created and controlled by management, can overcome a worker’s best efforts to succeed and result in defective products or ineffective services, whether in health care, government, education, services or manufacturing.

Former MAQIN board member, Brian Joiner, a long-time associate and friend of Dr. Deming offered a Toast to Dr. Deming. (Brian’s toast is below.)

Proctor & Gamble Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Don Ermer, closed the event with his reminiscences of helping Dr. Deming to imp lement Statistical Process Control at Ford in the early 1980s.

A Toast to Dr. W. Edwards Deming
December 15, 2004
Brian L. Joiner
It is a great pleasure to offer a toast to Dr. Deming. He was a friend and mentor for 30 years. I cried when he died and would cry again today if I were here with you. And I am not alone. Dr. Deming touched many people’s lives in a very deep way. Some people say Deming was a statistician – and that he was – a great one. But he was much more than a statistician, just as Mahatma Gandhi was much more than a lawyer. There are many parallels – both started out in rather technical fields – but their work took them into uncharted territory. Both had a deep caring for people and their belief in people allowed them to touch many people deeply. Both made Nobel Prize level contributions to peace and the betterment of human kind.

A toast to Dr. Deming would not be complete without recourse to a few of his famous sayings: “Best efforts are not enough, you have to know what to do.” Dr. Deming was a great learner – I saw him continue to learn almost daily, up until he died at 93 – and maybe beyond for all I know.

“Willing workers, just doing their best.” He would meet with the workers in factories, in routine clerical jobs, in any job – and he would ask them, “Can you take pride in your work?” Then they would tell him the problems they encountered in their everyday work – these willing workers, just doing their best. He may have been the only person who ever asked them that question. They trusted him – and he learned things their managers needed to know but few were ever curious enough to ask. Where managers did ask, there was a wonderful change.

In one moving instance, a gruff 50+ yr old employee said, “We used to have to check our brains at the door, but now people care what I think, now I look forward to coming to work!”

“There is no substitute for knowledge.”
A chemical company manager (Jerry Brock) decided to teach “the willing workers” about the chemistry that was behind the products they made - the result – greatly increased employee satisfaction and improved quality and productivity – they had some knowledge!

Dr. Deming used to say it is important to promote education. Pay for the tuition. It doesn’t matter what they study – Plato or basket weaving, It’ll make them better, more productive employees. “There is no substitute

“You can work with a man who knows his limitations.” (Dr. Deming never made the switch to more gender neutral language.) For years I found this statement strange – what’s he really trying to say here? I don’t know why it was so hard – but now it’s totally clear. Maybe I just had to work with a few more people who were totally over their heads and didn’t know it.

“A numerical goal without a method
is nonsense.”
“The most useful numbers
are unknown and
“Where there is fear you do
not get honest figures.”
These three are closely connected
and still not understood by most
managers and most professors of
business. The simplicity of
Management by Results is so
compelling – too bad it just doesn’t
So here is to the most amazing and
wonderful man I have ever know – a
man who raised my spirits and taught
me so much –
Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

2004年10月12日 星期二



昨天是W. E. Deming 博士(1900-93)的冥誕。我在1995-2002的這天或12月底,多會辦活動。

今年有朋友來問:「Dear HC,…… 今年十月有準備紀念戴明的活動嗎?」我無言以對。不過我們如果有心,可以自力救濟或自言自語一番。

我想全世界對於Deming 的了解都只是局部的。昨晚接到幾封DEN的通訊,上www.deming.org(內容充實許多了,讓我想起累積之功)。我從它轉到美國國會圖書館中的100多boxes之DEMING檔案,看熱鬧/沉思。

譬如說他約39歲時,在農業部編輯過重要的統計學講義(包括W. A. Shehart的名著和Nyman的統計推論)和十講的科學史和科學。


Deming是有深刻思想的人,他將最後一本書取名The New Economics,這絕對不是說說算了的事。

昨天白天想他的學說和其他不同進路者的差別;由於近日稍為讀JD的COLLAPSE一書之摘要。這讓我想起這主題的傳承淵源很早,比企管界在談的LIVING ORGANIZATIONS更深遠。企管界談大公司(公司最多500-600年)之「管理型資本主義」或「偉大的公司」等等,幾乎可以說連「中看」都談不上,更不用談「中用」了—所以它得出的結論,已經很少人用心思考。這是「市場兼組織」之近視特性和限制。

同樣,20世人湯恩比等用「文明」做單位來談興衰之道…..現在JD用SOCIETY作單位……但願這approach是R. Merton所謂的 middle-range theory—另外,經一世紀的努力,社會科學的資料庫發揮功能(如他舉的,用「嬰兒死亡率」最能預測…..)

不過,Deming 對於資本主義*自有他的許多微言大義。

當然 我們可以從他與日本友人的合照;從他的聖樂作品了解另外一些面相。

2004年9月29日 星期三

日本科技連 (JUSE) 所寫的品質革命中Deming 博士的貢獻

日本科技連 (JUSE) 所寫的品質革命中Deming 博士的貢獻 鍾漢清

...the best way out is always through.
---A Servant to Servants by Robert Lee Frost

寫給成立10周年的網路討論 Deming Electronic Network *DEN) 談
Deming vs. Juran
The Words by JUSE by Hanching Chung

昨天提筆抄錄一大段JUSE 在戴明獎十周年專刊解釋他們如何感謝Deming博士的幫忙。
我翻譯過 Deming 和 Juran 博士的重要著作,受益極大。兩位都長壽(Deming 晚年創造力極了不起。)。Business Week慶祝70周年設Innovators 專欄,述兩位前輩事績總帶記者劣根性,挑選出許多 gossips。我一向認為日本的成績最大功臣為日本,不是洋客。

我一個人在品質學會的一間會議室。CSQ很忙,借兩團體開會,自己也有課、有會議,辦事的人員團團轉。座位對面兩列講義夾,那「品質改善之短期系列課程」是我80年代初所創的點子,我自己留下2-3課程之講義。背後是我的老師們所捐贈的一些資料和書籍,THE STORY of ROCKFELLER FOUNDATION是1951年出版的,很精彩,我們可能到了2050或2100年,都沒有財團法人可以跟他們的VISIONS 和實務相當;連同「高階層企業管理考察團(三團)」之報告,可能是高院長送的。劉振老師送的日本科技連(JUSE,Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers)的最為寶貴:

Some friends of DEN know my position and opinion on the personal impact on the 'Japanese Quality Revolution'. That is, the major and vital contributors are Japanese themselves, not any (native or overseas) quality gurus. Hence the argument of whom was more influential on the Japanese achievement or more popular is not relavant.

I admire Dr. Deming insightful and creative contribution to the theory of management and organizations. Dr. Juran's contribution is also significant.

On the other hand, the history was written and witnessed by JUSE. So I like to share with you their appreciation of Dr. Deming in an important document (note by Hanching : I used JUSE and SQC/QC in my own copy and I used their full names in the following ones) :

'The 10th Anniversary of the Deming Prize : How Have 25 Leading manufacturers Materialized SQC for Better Quality and More Efficient Operation?' May, 1960, presided by Kenichi Koyanagi

'It was in 1948, or three years after the war termination, that the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers started a series of research and investigation on the industrial application of Statistical Quality Control. But our research workers then were few, and they could avail themselves of little information and literature on the subject. Not until Dr. W. Edwards Deming gave his compact, practical Quality Control lectures in this country in August, 1950, under the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers sponsorship did our industrial application of Statistical Quality Control method start steady progress. It is his educational activities at that time and his advices and suggestion in the following years that have given us the guiding torchlight and invincible determination with which we have been well able to use QC methods wider and wider in industry, the Deming Prize was found, and it was award for the first time in 1951…


2004年9月17日 星期五


Mr. Tatsuro Toyoda

Mr. Tatsuro Toyoda, Chairman of the Toyota Foundation, Senior Advisor to Toyota Motor Corporation and NYU Stern alumnus, today received an honorary doctorate at New York University's Commencement exercises. Mr. Toyoda studied under former Stern professor, W. Edwards Deming, and went on to apply his total quality management techniques to transform the Japanese automobile industry and contribute to the growth of the Japanese economy. Mr. Toyoda also helped to create the W. Edwards Deming Chair at Stern, currently held by Professor Eitan Zemel.

About Mr. Toyoda

Tatsura Toyoda, chairman and CEO of the Toyota Corporation and an alumnus of NYU's Stern School of Business, received a Doctor of Commercial Science degree, honoris causa.

Mr. Toyoda is the Chairman of the Toyota Foundation and a Senior Advisor to Toyota Motor Corporation. He is also a Director of Toyota Industries Company. Mr. Toyoda is a son of the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation and joined the family business in 1953. He headed a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota in California from 1984-1986. In 1992, Mr. Tatsuro succeeded his older brother, Shoichiro, to become company president.


2004/8/30 中元節,不少商店都拜拜
晨一點多,看雅典奧林匹克運動會「結業」(閉幕或 The Party Is Over/Games are over )--好幾年沒看轉播的三台之節目,主持人說話都太干擾,中視等還莫名其妙選中段插入廣告。


【奧運獎牌并不會促進體育參與。《金融時報》報道說,倫敦申辦成功能給人精神振奮,增加經濟機會,促進旅游,提高國際名望等,但不可能導致更多人參與體育活動。hc:【英國奧運代表團星期一(8月30日)從雅典返回英國,他們在2004年奧運會上獲得30枚獎牌,其中金牌9枚。】 日本台灣等所謂的「奧運獎牌振奮效應」是自欺的…….】


---1300-1440公視:在七十年代,韋伯與萊斯再度以耶穌為主角製作「萬世巨星」(Jesus Christ Superstar)。聖經上的紀事轉入現代的時空情境,歷歷宛若發生在生活周遭......轟動一時,引起頗多爭議,(然而)連續演了八年。「萬世巨星」以搖滾音樂唱歌型式詮釋嚴肅的宗教題材。講述耶穌死前七天內的事蹟,從猶大的愛恨糾纏觀點,審視整個「忌妒、悲憫、責任、背叛」歷程。
Sometimes Broadway can be downright prescient: Six decades before President Clinton took office, for instance, the Gershwin brothers wrote Of Thee I Sing, about a presidential candidate plagued by "bimbo eruptions."
【bimbo noun [C] plural bimboes or bimbos SLANG DISAPPROVING
a young woman considered to be attractive but not intelligent:
He went out with a succession of blonde bimbos.】
--Musical Politics for the GOP Conventionhttp://www.npr.org/features/feature.php?wfId=3879430
From 'Avenue Q'
A Song for Rod, the Show's Gay Republican Character: 'Rod's Dilemma'

傍晚上網路查一下齊教授的東西,發現北大的華文中心有繁體版的「初見台大」(1940s 上海-台北 每日一班機,行程2小時;又可參考「周佛海回憶錄」。人生多「兩點間距離非以直線為最短之例」)。

93年7月16日 第3節 14:00~15:30 應華系二年級 
讀紐約時報The Season of My Life By SUE MILLER

三晚巴黎左岸的便宜之旅 The Left Bank, for Less:包括30美元一場教堂內蕭邦音樂會:
For more than an hour, nocturnes and ballades filled the small candle-lit 12th-century church. Outside, a jumble of cafes overlook Notre-Dame and the booksellers along the Seine. I enjoyed the view while nursing a glass of…
【[v] treat carefully; "He nursed his injured back by liyng in bed several hours every afternoon"; "He nursed the flowers in his garden and fertilized them regularly"】
此期BUSINESS WEEK兩篇文章都用ROIL(攪動一潭混水等義)

Is the presidential race roiling the market? Or are the markets roiling the race?
Navigating an Election-Year Market
Politics, not economics, is putting the brakes on a rally in stocks, argues investment strategist Vincent Catalano
Air Travel Comes To India's Masses
Lots of discount carriers are springing up in India, roiling the industry
據Webster's 1913 Dictionary
Definition: \Roil\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Roiled}; p. pr. & vb. n.
{Roiling}.] [Cf. OE. roilen to wander; possibly fr. OF.
roeler to roll, equiv. to F. rouler. See {Roll}, v., and cf.
1. To render turbid by stirring up the dregs or sediment of;
as, to roil wine, cider, etc., in casks or bottles; to
roil a spring.

2. To disturb, as the temper; to ruffle the temper of; to
rouse the passion of resentment in; to perplex.

That his friends should believe it, was what roiled
him [Judge Jeffreys] exceedingly. --R. North.

Note: Provincial in England and colloquial in the United
States. A commoner, but less approved, form is rile.
August 29, 2004
The Season of My Life

2004年4月23日 星期五


現在重讀四年半前的舊文 可以補充

感謝一周來朋友的讀論互動 2004-04-23 鍾漢清

「……驟 漲 的 濕 意 中 迅 雷
 劃 開 我 們 的 疆 域
 風 雨 續 來 恰 為 澎 湃 的 回 憶
 斷 句 」

--蔡振念『梅雨的譁變 』2004/4/23中央副刊(4月23日,正是春暖花開的季節,也是聯合國的「世界讀書日」。 1995年以來,已經有許多國家加入慶祝這個節日,從西班牙馬德里、英國、法國、美國到日本等全球各地,  已經把讀書變成一場熱鬧滾滾的歡樂節慶。在台灣……喚起台灣的閱讀風氣!)
中央日報早已停刊 妙的是 此中央成網路報

 一周來,從幾處朋友那兒傳來一些東西,讓我開開眼界。我總要謝謝他們。以前的方式是隨即將日刊Simon University送他們。現在,該刊物搬到所謂的個人新聞台,讓來自四面八方的人來共享、檢驗(if any;據說英文的新聞 ( NEWS) 四字母正好是英語「 北、東、西、南 」之首…..),所以我就在這兒謝謝他們啦!



Bruce送一篇呼籲台灣人應張開眼看看香港的許多進步和文化,他說,以前也是這種井底之蛙(多虧「鍾老師」屢次提醒每回去香港,不要忘記去看看Henry Moore的雕像,買買《明報-信報月刊》,《詩網絡》,到文化中心去風流,上館子打牙祭。我們以前從羅孚進香港幾次,我總覺得彷彿歷經但丁《神曲》中的感受……)

讀思果「說健忘談老年 外一章 」(http://www.cdn.com.tw/daily/2004/04/21/text/930421e1.htm),知道他已85歲了。真不錯,所談的多為「名」「詞」翻譯和評論(贊美黃國彬譯的《 神曲 》遠比他翻譯的狄更斯的《大衛‧考勃非爾》更了不起【hc按:台灣「讀書或書評等單位的」人,心胸比較小,所以去年不肯給這部翻譯獎項;然而,品質最終會勝利。】……




【2004/4/22 周四 明目書社 :
Jack D. Flam《馬蒂斯論藝術》歐陽英譯,濟南:山東畫報出版社,2004,定價RMB 26
Jack D. Flam《馬蒂斯論藝術》歐陽英譯,鄭州:河南美術出版社,1987/1996(6000-16000),定價RMB 9.50

Richard A. Leonard《音樂之流》(The Stream of Music)文樸譯,北京:商務印書館,2004,定價RMB 36

介紹深入簡出,有時好玩。譬如說,1902年德布西(Debussy 1862-1918)為梅特林克(Maurice Maeterlinck)的《柏來亞斯與梅里桑德》(Pelleas and Melisande, 1892)的戲劇所譜的同名歌劇的評論相當老實、有趣:「佩利亞斯與梅麗桑德之間的愛情用一種只有法國人才能理解的微妙手法展開......」

劉志偉《「英雄」文化與魏晉文學》歐陽英譯,蘭州:蘭州大學出版社,2004,定價RMB 25.50。此書對文化英雄可小補充。

多年前有人用"文化英雄"贊 余光中先生 當時覺得很怪
現在我才知道這文化英雄列寧用語 不過他談的是"巨匠"....
詩人當然是英雄 自古還是立法者

《詞學 第十四輯》歐陽英譯,鄭州:華東師範大學出版社,2003,定價RMB 9.50
讀其中吳建國「錢鍾書先生引詞堪正」(pp. 304-19)
這篇讀來可厭透頂 其實版本問題太大 作者口氣不像搞學問的

謝謝你對於Simon U的許多幫忙。幾天前,讀到法布爾提到的littus(古羅馬人用來作覘卜的曲棍)作為問號,最喜歡:(第10卷:「至此,我盡自己所能,探討了昆蟲反常的種種動力的原因。能令人完全信服的答案,一直都遠遠沒有找到。為此,在結束這篇留下諸多疑問的文章時,我要在本頁中心最醒目的地方,豎起那……問號。……」)

RL回覆︰ 留言所提到的第十卷目前尚未讀到,惟關於littus一字,應該是lituus之誤,偏巧拉丁文這兩字都有。前 者的意思為the sea-shore, seaside, beach, strand ;後者才是The crooked staff borne by the augurs, an augur's crook or crosier, augural wand。又,你閱讀的版本應該是王光華譯的。


這三本各定價rmb 25,海南出版社,2004,(各冊由多人分別)翻譯自Carlton出版社,無索引,彩圖。似乎不比以前翻譯自Thames and Hudson的好(台北:貓頭鷹;大陸…..) 譬如說 ,無索引的書,J. Austen著的《Elinor and Marianne》(1795)此本書信體小說即為《理性與感性》的前身,這一資訊無索引幾乎如「海底撈針」。

台灣習慣將 Sense and Sensibility, 翻譯成《理性與感性》是20世紀初的了解英文水平
日本除了早期工藤政司訳「知性と感性」之外 現在多用分別と多感Sense and Sensibility、1811年) 換句話說 《理性與感性》是很不清楚的名詞

可惜都幾乎不附原文。「簡‧奧斯汀的世界」的「正餐」菜單未譯;「福爾摩斯的世界」記1902年作者讓神探「復活」;「勃朗特姐妹的世界」第12節為A Love of Animals


Bruce送一篇(新新聞 http://www.new7.com.tw) (tJ)「振聾發聵」的『不要讓石之瑜的預言成真』… :「台大政治系教授石之瑜在《外省人的喜悅》這篇文章中說,有人「藉由虛擬外省人應有的悲哀,來確認外省人做為反本土的代表,使外省人淪為被指指點點的對象,並透過自己指指點點的姿態,進一步鞏固所謂本土認同的優越想像。」……我們已經初具雛型的民主制度,還應努力落實的社會公平正義,五十年來教育形塑的公民素質與創造力,這些都非中國提供給的。要和「中國的召喚」抗衡,必須深化發展台灣優點,扎實建構優質社會,這才是具有現實基礎的認同建構。」

「鍾老師」為了還些朋友論學上的債,設一個個人"新文台"(很「假」學術)simon university


如此說,我的看法如何?請保持愉快心情、工作努力,拼命NOS…..【按:這不是Nos 而是 Nike Operation System】