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1970年8月15日 星期六


1932 Deming married Elizabeth Shupe. The couple had two more children, Diana and Linda

THE TWILIGHT YEARS: The Paradox of Britain Between the Wars


Shewhart , Walter A., The Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product , Princeton , N. J.D. Van Nostrand Company , 1931. Reprinted by American Society for Quality Control , 1980.(當時台灣有翻印) 。此書有法文本(Jean-Marie Gaogue翻譯)和日文本。



On the Statistical Theory of Errors - all 4 versions »
WE Deming, RT Birge - Reviews of Modern Physics, 1934 - APS
Erratum: W. Edwards Deming and Raymond T. Birge, On the Statistical Theory of Errors Errata, Rev. Mod. Phys. 6, 281 (1934). ... (Some reference links may require a separate subscription.) ... Raymond T. Birge, Phys. Rev. 40, ...



1935-1953 Head, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Graduate School, Agriculture Department

Deming invited Shewhart, as well as Fisher, Wishart, Cochran, and others, to lecture at USDA.




1936 Studied under Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher and Jerzy Neyman at University College, London, England

There's no reason that an exhibition whose sole organizing principle is to present photographs taken in a single year should be meaningful, let alone interesting. If anything, the opposite is true: the overall quality of work produced in a given year is apt to be average.

On the other hand, no period is without some good work; judicious selection could make any year look good. And such a selection might suggest other understandings about the period in question.

No doubt that was the thinking behind "1936," at the James Danziger Gallery, and "Circa 1956," a companion show at the 292 Gallery, both in SoHo. Both focus on works made in a given year, although only "1936" adheres closely to that restriction; the show at 292 includes works from throughout the 1950's.



In 1937, Dr. Juran created the "Pareto principle," which millions of managers rely on to help separate the "vital few" from the "useful many" in their activities. This is commonly referred to as the 80-20 principle. Its universal application makes it one of the most useful concepts and tools of modern-day management. This is now referred to as Juran's Pareto Principle.


Least Squares, The Graduate School, Department of Agriculture, Washington 1938. by W. Edwards Deming: 此法稱為Deming最小平方法, 例:木梨非線形関数に対する最小二法(デミングの最小二法)について ... 創的で画期的方法

Deming 更是這本演講集的編輯/改寫者:Lectures and Conferences on Mathematical Statistics, Graduate School, U.S. Department of Agriculture ,1938 這本書印700本,很快就賣光了。Deming等人的文風都是追求清楚明白….傳記 Neyman-from life by C Reid - 1982 - Springer-Verlag New York--中文翻譯 奈曼:來自生活的統計學家 / 康斯坦絲.瑞德(Constance Reid)著 ; 姚慕生,陳克艱,王順義譯, 上海市 : 上海科學技術 , 2001[民90],

Shewhart USDA Lectures

10/26 nylon: chemical company DuPont announced the name of its new synthetic fiber (1938)


Shewhart , Walter A. Statistical Methods from the Viewpoint of Quality Control , Washington , D. C.Department of Agriculture , 1939. W. E. Deming(主編)

Seven years at the Bureau of the Census began in 1939



科恩:在上世紀30年代初的大蕭條時期﹐寶潔公司 (Procter & Gamble Co.)說過﹐我們將竭盡全力營銷我們的產品﹐我們要在收音機上營銷──這類似於那個時代的互聯網──我們還將讚助這些小戲劇──這這就是它們最終被稱為 肥皂劇的原因。因此﹐(衰退時的一個教訓)就是市場﹐市場。不要削減營銷。


科恩:我想國際商業機器公司(IBM)的沃特森(Tom Watson Sr.)在大蕭條時候的做法有些近乎瘋狂。

1932 年﹐他宣佈IBM將投資100萬美元在紐約州單獨建立一個打孔制表機研發實驗室。當時這個領域的所有其它企業都在削減研發支出。沃特森實際上是在僱用更多 的人、建造更多的機器﹐並且還告訴工廠﹐即使他不能賣掉機器﹐他那就繼續增加庫存。這給公司帶來了巨大的壓力。它們沒有賣出所有機器。