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2015年12月11日 星期五

默(或梅)克爾 Angela Merkel 將"fear""恐懼"的討論範圍提高到國家層次。

默(或梅)克爾 Angela Merkel 將"fear"的討論範圍提高到國家層次。
Dr. W. Edwards Deming 當時談的fear,多屬公司/組織內的個人之"恐懼"。相反詞是"信任"與"自信"。

默(或梅)克爾 Angela Merkel 《時代Time》周刊年度風雲人物

「恐懼滋養出的社會  沒有未來」


Time magazine has named German chancellor Angela Merkel its Person of the Year, citing her resolve in leading Europe through this summer’s Greek debt crisis, and her encouragement of other countries to open their borders to migrants and refugees.

Angela Merkel named Time's first female Person of the Year since 1986
German chancellor awarded honor for leading Europe through debt crisis…

"只有在人們不願服從的時候,才是對領導人的真正考驗。"《時代》周刊編輯吉布斯(Nancy Gibbs)在周三發表的一篇聲明中寫道。
與默克爾一同被提名的其他7名候選人包括美國共和黨總統競選人特朗普(Donald Trump)、Uber總裁卡蘭尼克(Travis Kalanick)、伊朗總統魯哈尼(Hassan Rohani)等。自封為"伊斯蘭國哈里發"的恐怖組織領導人巴格達蒂( Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi)在風雲人物的排行榜上排名第二,排在第三位的是美國黑人民權運動"黑人的生命也是命" (Black Lives Matter)。
自1927年以來,《時代》周刊每年都會評選當年世界時事範圍內具有影響力的人物或團體。去年獲此殊榮的是抗擊非洲埃博拉疫情的醫護工作者。2013年,羅馬天主教宗方濟各當選年度風雲人物。默克爾成為30年來第一個獲選年度風雲人物的女性, 她也是1970年勃蘭特總理之後首度獲得這一稱號的德國人。

Angela Merkel Lectures Germans About Being Good Christians


00:00 Madame Chancellor, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak.
00:06 A minute ago you were mentioning the responsibility we all have,
00:10 in terms of how we should all deal with all this refugee chaos.
00:13 But one of our responsibilities is also to protect our own citizens in Europe,
00:19 and I am speaking especially about refugees from Syria and similar countries from where now
00:24 even more people with an Islamic background come into our country.
00:29 And I believe what the gentleman addressed earlier is legitimate, that there is a great fear
00:35 here in Europe because Islamization seems to proceed and grow stronger.
00:42 So I am asking you, how do you want to protect Europe, and in that regard,
00:46 how do you propose to protect our own culture from this?
00:50 Uh… I think, first and foremost, that Islamism and Islamic terror are unfortunately
00:57 a phenomenon operating predominantly in Syria and Libya and in Northern Iraq,
01:04 and to which, unfortunately, the European Union has contributed a myriad of fighters as well.
01:10 And therefore we can’t just sit here and say this is a phenomenon that has nothing to do with us,
01:15 because those are people, sometimes very young people, who grew up
01:19 in our countries, and this is where we bear also a responsibility.
01:25 Secondly… uh… fear has never been a good adviser, neither in our personal lives nor in our society.
01:34 Cultures and societies that are shaped by fear, will without doubt not get a grip on the future.
01:40 And third, of course we have this debate that a lot of Muslims also have,
01:46 in which we debate whether Islam even belongs to Germany or not.
01:50 But I’m finding that when we have four million Muslims in this country, it’s really not debatable
01:54 whether Muslims belong to Germany but Islam doesn’t, or whether Islam also belongs to Germany.
02:01 I see there are these worries, but I have to say to that, we all have these chances and all these liberties
02:13 to practice our own religion as well, insofar as we are practicing it and believe in it.
02:17 So if I am lacking in something in that, I am not suggesting that someone who practices Islam is at fault for that.
02:24 We should have the courage as Christians to enter a dialogue then,
02:32 and while we are talking about tradition, maybe please go to church every once in a while,
02:37 or become a tad more versed in the Bible and maybe be able to just explain a painting in the church,
02:44 or at least be able to explain what the meaning of Pentecost is. So there I just have to say
02:49 that a lot of people’s knowledge about the Christian Occident leaves a lot to be desired.
02:53 But then to come back and complain about how Muslims know more about the Koran
02:57 than they do about the bible, I find that very curious.
03:00 Maybe this debate will make us want to go back, and encourage us to gain more knowledge about our roots.
03:08 So far I find this debate extremely defensively-minded. Sure one has to prepare against the terrorist danger,
03:14 but let us all also not forget just how rich European history is of dramatic and gruesome conflict and war.
03:20 We should be really careful when we complain if somewhere else something bad is happening.
03:26 Sure, we have to stand up against that, but we have absolutely no ground to stand on,
03:31 to show haughty arrogance towards others, and I have to say that as the Chancellor of Germany.