Buzzy startup Uber experienced a temporary outage Tuesday night that halted the car-hailing service across the country.
On its TwitterTWTR +1.66% account, Uber said service was restored after more than an hour-long break. The company said the problem was sparked by an outage at a West Coast data center operated by a company that runs a corporate computing hub.
“We’re happy to confirm Uber service is back up and running!” Uber said on its Twitter account.
The outage points to the stresses of maintaining the sophisticated technology needed to power digital services used by millions or hundreds of millions of people. WhatsApp, the text-messaging service recently acquired by Facebook in a blockbuster deal, also experienced an outage over the weekend.
The Uber hiccup hit late Tuesday in the thick of evening commutes on the West Coast, and in the midst of after-work activities on the East Coast. Uber users flooded social media sites with complaints about problems kicking off Uber’s app to summon a driver-for-hire. Some of the digital missives poked fun at Uber’s reputation as a lifeline for the digerati.
“My thoughts go out to those in tech (NYC & SF) who have been forced to hail yellow taxis for the first time in years thanks to @Uber outage,” one person posted on Twitter.