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2011年2月26日 星期六

The Deming of America (DVD) By Priscilla Petty


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Priscilla Petty* is the Producer and On-Camera Interviewer for
The Deming of America
the Public Television program and business training video
W. Edwards Deming's
Principles of Management and Philosophy of Quality

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View One Minute Clips from the Program:
W. Edwards Deming:
'Adversarial competition is not the answer'
W. Edwards Deming: 'Defend your rights, you lose'
W. Edwards Deming: 'Banks do not fail because of mistakes at the teller's window'
Don Petersen, retired CEO, Ford: Petersen talks about the power of Continuous Improvement
Don Petersen, retired CEO, Ford: 'Everything we do, we do through people'
W. Edwards Deming: 'Everybody's doing his best, with the greatest of intentions'
W. Edwards Deming: 'How could they (management) know?'
W. Edwards Deming: 'Management's job is optimization of the whole system'
W. Edwards Deming: 'Deming's second theorem'
Don Petersen, retired CEO, Ford: 'Difficult times provide opportunity for trying change'
David Kearns, retired CEO, Xerox: 'When Dr. Deming initially came here (to Xerox), he was really tough on us'
Robert Stempel, retired CEO, GM: 'When most people come to work...they really want to do a good job'


The Deming of America
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Newly released on DVD, Priscilla Petty's The Deming of America is offered at the introductory price of $95. Free U.S.P.S. shipping in the U.S. (Fed Ex and UPS at cost). Regular price, $110.

The Deming of America is one of the best leadership and transformation videos ever produced!” says one consultant.

Our nation must work once again to come out of our crisis. We're challenged by global and local events. But the proven strategies in this DVD can help our country transform and innovate. Dr. W. Edwards Deming is shown at his unrehearsed best at his home, at a seminar, and in thought-provoking specially selected segments from an all-day interview with Priscilla. Brief remarks from Fortune 100 CEOs, who learned from Deming, show how he affected their thinking about their lives and companies as he worked with them to effect the transformation. Inspiring. Produced in 1991 by Petty Consulting Productions.

The Deming of America provides an overview of Dr. Deming's theory of management and was first seen on public television stations across the nation. The program shows Deming the man, focuses on his ideas, makes his message easy to understand, and shows how corporate and military leaders are using his concepts. Most people, after viewing the video, know that Dr. Deming's message is valid -- not because of how persuasive he is -- but because his message makes so much sense and, once understood, seems intuitive.

The Deming of America is 57 minutes long and features highlights with Dr. Deming, gleaned from an all-day, unscripted, unrehearsed interview with Priscilla Petty plus visits with him in his home. Also featured are:
Highlights of interviews with government, corporate and Navy leadership:
Wiliam E. Brock, then Secretary of Labor and former U.S. Senator
David Kearns, then Chairman of Xerox
John Pepper, then President of Procter & Gamble
Donald Petersen, retired Chairman and CEO of Ford
Brian Rowe, then Senior VP, Head of GE Aircraft Engines
Robert Stempel, then Chairman and CEO of General Motors
J. Daniel Howard, then Under Secretary of the Navy
Admiral Jerry Johnson, then Vice Chief of Naval Operations
Directors of Quality at Ford, General Motors and Procter & Gamble
Others who knew Deming
Deming at his home in Washington, D.C.; in his basement office; in his garden
Deming at one of his seminars
Deming at Dulles airport
Historical photos of Deming in Japan

The Deming of America video program is the result of more than two years of effort by Priscilla Petty and her organization. Prior to meeting Dr. Deming, Ms. Petty had written a weekly syndicated newspaper column focusing on management techniques and improving personal effectiveness at work for about ten years. The Vice Chairman of Procter and Gamble insisted that she meet Dr. Deming because of the impact Dr. Deming had had on his company and arranged for the meeting. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Petty met with Dr. Deming in his Washington home, accompanied and introduced by Procter and Gamble's Director of Quality. Ms. Petty immediately recognized the profound importance of Dr. Deming's message and accepted Dr. Deming's invitation to remain in Washington at his home and accompany him to New York in a few days while he consulted with companies, taught his course at NYC and lectured at Columbia. Ms. Petty's vision for the public television special gradually evolved over the next several months as she accompanied Dr. Deming on numerous business consulting trips and to his four day seminars. She not only saw his genius at work as he privately consulted with numerous corporate leaders and during the seminars, she had countless hours of private discussions about his theories and philosophies. She was continually asking questions and listening, learning, while they traveled on planes, ate meals, and at the end of each day. After about eight months, Ms. Petty shared her vision with Dr. Deming and he agreed to cooperate. Then the work began.

她還是個專欄作者 2/26日在 American Thinker 有篇"你的錢是諸政客的"

February 26, 2011

Your Money Belongs To Politicians

By Priscilla Petty

If I had to pinpoint one single way in which our country has gone astray, I'd say that it's when we allowed politicians to manipulate the tax code to benefit those whom they favor. There are many ways, of course, in which our country's trajectory has taken a downward rather than upward turn, but politicians' control of individual citizens' money, their taking great quantities of it as though it actually belonged to the politicians to use for their own benefit and for politicians' chosen purposes, has bankrupted us not only fiscally but morally.

The other day our two-year-old threw a dollar bill into the gas fireplace. It was snowing outside and perhaps he had a reason for his action. I don't know what it was or why he did it. In like manner our politicians daily throw our dollar bills into the fire and I cannot fathom why they take such actions. I suspect that they know nothing more about the true value of a dollar than the two-year-old. Since it's not the politicians' own money perhaps they feel that they have no obligation to be good stewards of it; it's just paper and burning it is okay. But it's no longer okay with productive U.S. citizens.

Politicians have derived their power over you from control of your money. As politicians have taxed -- and excused from taxes by awarding favors or exclusions -- they have changed the nature of doing business in this country. It's no longer a straightforward idea: make a product which delights the customer and sell it at a profit so you can stay in business. Instead it's constant uneasiness and worry on the part of businesses, large and small, about the ways in which government will interfere with a business's ability to survive and continue to hire employees. How can any thinking business person plan ahead when politicians have taken away from them the ability to project business plans ahead? How can a business prosper when business leaders must make business decisions based on potential ever-changing tax policy? Politicians are so unknowing that they don't understand that stability of tax rules and of regulations is necessary for a system to work. Politicians fail to look at the whole system but focus on the pieces. The business which does not take into account the vagaries and whims of today's U.S. government will not survive economically.

This is to say nothing of the arcane and complex rules and regulations concerning the right to do business in the U.S. Someone said that we are always breaking some law every day. How could we not? Take politicians' desires to control all aspects of our lives through taxation and rules and combine them with the whims of bureaucrats and we have disaster. I can remember long ago reading Boris Pasternak's Dr. Zhivago and marveling at the awful situation in which the protagonist found himself as he tried to navigate the Russian and then the Soviet corrupt bureaucracies. Now I find that the U.S. has arrived at the same point as the old Soviet Union. Our politicians have taken us to the Orwellian point of Newspeak and Doublethink. Politicians, and especially Mr. Obama, somehow have come to think that we will believe them when they speak bureaucratese. But the American people have awakened and thinking people have found each other via the internet. We will continue to communicate, past the talking political heads, and the day may come when we band together.

When we understand as a group all of the power grabs the politicians have pulled off, especially those concerning their control of our money, then we might choose to elect those who understand that monetary and tax actions have consequences, sometimes unintended. We need smarter, more honorable politicians who have learned to listen to the voice of the working, productive people. We need politicians who tax for the public good, not for their own ideological aims. We need politicians who are just better overall than the generally self-interested and corrupt group who have for too long inhabited our nation's capital.

Leo Tolstoy commented that "Even in the valley of the shadow of death, two and two do not make six" and also in 1886 in What Then Must We Do? he wrote, "I sit on a man's back, choking him, and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means-except by getting off his back."

We need politicians to get their hands off our money, get off our backs, and stop treating us as though they have the carrot and we're the donkey. We've grown those carrots and they belong to us.